Dr. Dominik Engel joins the management board of sproof

Dominik Engel: New Chief Research Officer at sproof GmbH

Dr. Dominik Engel, head of the Center for Secure Energy Informatics at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, joins the management board of sproof.

With the renowned IT-security and privacy expert Dominik Engel, sproof gets prominent support from its roots – the academic world. “As a spin-off from the Center for Secure Energy Informatics, we transfer state-of-the-art technology research to the economy. We are thrilled that with Dominik Engel a renowned research leader with experience across academia and industry is joining our management board and fostering our academic ties,” says Clemens Brunner, CEO of sproof.

“sproof is a great example that shows how applied the research at the Center for Secure Energy Informatics is. I am very happy to bring in my expertise into this successful start-up and see our institution benefit from it as one of the first,” Engel says. Since fall 2019 the FH Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, as one of the first universities in Europe, signs and issues documents to students digitally via sproof.

Dominik Engel holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Salzburg and a venia docendi in Applied Informatics at the same university. Since 2010, the author of numerous publications is lecturer and researcher at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, where he also heads the Center for Secure Energy Informatics. He was a researcher at the Universities of Bremen and Salzburg and product manager at Sony DADC. His current research interests include methods for enhancing privacy, security and end-user trust.

About sproof

sproof is an Austrian-based startup company co-founded by Clemens Brunner, Fabian Knirsch and Erich Höpoldseder. sproof is supported by the FH Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Startup Center. sproof creates a revolutionary and new kind of digital signature that allows you to issue your certificates digitally and secure.

Erich Höpoldseder, Clemens Brunner and Fabian Knirsch, the founding team of sproof

Starting in fall 2019: FH Salzburg University of Applied Sciences is issuing secure digital certificates via sproof

Starting in fall 2019, documents issued to students during their studies and after graduation are signed digitally by FH Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. These documents are absolutely forgery-proof due to the implementation of sproof.

Thanks to the innovative and decentralized digital signature developed by sproof, graduates can prove at any time that the documents they possess are original and were issued by the FH Salzburg.

By using the verification tool integrated into the website of the FH Salzburg, it is now easy to verify that documents have been issued by this institution. A potential employer can simply drag-and-drop the certificate into the FH website for checking the authenticity.

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sproof in the News

A recent newspaper article about sproof highlights the demand for a decentralized secure digital document management. The newspaper published by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce further shows the importance of intensive cooperation between the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and starup companies, where sproof is a proud member of the FH Salzburg Startup Center.

Read the full article here (in German)

Sallinger S&B Award Top 10

sproof is proud to announce that we are among the top 10 finalist projects at this year’s Sallinger S&B Award.

The award is dedicated to the promotion of groundbreaking projects that enter the market following years of research. sproof’s approach for digital and secure document management and the revolutionary decentralized digital signature scheme is among the finalists.

We are invited to pitch the idea to experts from various fields on June 19, 2019 in Vienna, Austria.

Swiss Blockchain Winter School

Clemens Brunner was attending the Swiss Blockchain Winter School in Interlaken. Together with researchers from the Security and Privacy Lab of the University of Innsbruck he is attending keynotes and lectures on innovative blockchain work by renowned academic researchers and industrial practitioners.
The Winter School aims to bring together students, academic researchers, industry professionals, and government employees for an in-depth exchange on the latest trends and developments around cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and decentralized applications.

The demand for digital document management solutions and blockchain-based approaches such as sproof was reflected in the talks and in follow-up discussions with representatives from academia and industry.

DigitalCity.Wien Blockchain Initiative

sproof has been invited to present at the DigitalCity.Wien Blockchain Initiative in Vienna, Austria. This initiative is organized by the city of Vienna and is an opportunity to exchange ideas for blockchain applications. sproof presented its solution for digital document management and outlined the opportunities for sproof technology in governmental and industrial applications. We thank the organizers for this event and we are looking forward to fruitful cooperation.

DigitalCity.Wien meeting web page

Austriapro Blockchain Workshop

The sproof team presented its solution for managing digital documents at today’s Austriapro Blockchain Workshop in Vienna, Austria. This workshop is hosted by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. The workshop is a place to meet for researchers and industry leaders and for discussing recent developments for managing digital documents on the blockchain. We thank the audience for the extremely positive feedback after presenting sproof. Furthermore, this has once again shown the demand for decentralized, open and easy-to-integrate solutions.

Austriapro Workshop web page