buergerkarte.at recommends sproof sign for PDF signatures

The citizen service website buergerkarte.at lists sproof sign as one of the trusted tools to create PDF signatures:

The website is hosted in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digitalization and Economy and provides information on mobile phone signatures and the Austrian citizen card.

Sign PDFs online with your mobile phone signature

The mobile phone signature is your electronic identity card and signature on the internet. It allows legally secure electronic signing of documents such as contracts, receipts, cancellation notices or forms (in PDF format). Your electronic signature with authorities or in business is just as valid as the handwritten signature. Activation and use of the mobile signature is free of charge. All you need is a cell phone.

Once you have your mobile phone signature, you can use sproof sign to digitally sign any PDF document.

No mobile phone signature yet?
No problem! sproof sign offers two other options for PDF signatures: Besides with the mobile phone signature, you can sign your PDF document on the display of your device or upload a signature image.

More information on mobile phone signatures & the Austrian citizen card:

Sign your PDFs online now:

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