Digital signatures with sproof sign at the Vienna Business Agency

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The Vienna Business Agency supports local and international companies in all phases of their business development, advises on entrepreneurial issues and helps expats get started in Vienna. Everyone who wants to start a business, startups, sole proprietorships, domestic and international small and medium-sized enterprises or corporations, receives exactly the information they need.

With sproof sign, the signing of PDF documents in the Startup Service was digitized at the beginning of 2021 for the coaching service for our coaches and coached founders. This has made the signing of necessary documents for funded coaching much more efficient. By reducing the individual steps to multiple signatures of several parties, important resources are saved. Now there is more time for the essentials.

After a thorough examination of various providers, the decision was made in favor of sproof sign due to its DSGVO compliance, expertise and ease of use. sproof sign offers a 100% legally valid and data protection compliant (DSGVO) cloud solution for digital signatures with its platform for legally valid, qualified digital signatures hosted exclusively in Europe. Due to its simple and intuitive use, no training or complicated IT processes have been required for the implementation.

Dr. Gabriele Tatzberger from the Vienna Business Agency confirms how quickly a process previously handled on paper could be completely digitized:

“As the Vienna Business Agency, we have been supporting founders for almost 40 years to successfully implement their business idea and build it up sustainably. With innovative tools such as sproof sign, we also succeed in handling our offers digitally in a contemporary and efficient manner.”

Dr. Gabriele Tatzberger from the Vienna Business Agency

3 steps to a fully digital document workflow

Zefort Guest Blog Clemens Brunner sproof - Digital document workflow

Is your digital document workflow in order? Check out this guest post by sproof CEO Clemens Brunner on the blog of our Finnish partner Zefort. Together, digital signing and smart contract archival save you a lot of time, effort and worry.

Link to the blog article:

Zefort is a zero-effort contract lifecycle management solution. Archiving a contract is as easy as sending a single email. Automated processing makes contracts available to selected team members, enables rich searches and automation benefits, such as reminders.

Unlimited qualified signing

sproof sign simplifies your home office

Create unlimited qualified signatures with all sproof sign premium plans. All sproof sign premium plans include a number of persons that can obtain a qualified digital signature with unlimited qualified signing.

Starting at 19€ monthly

Starting at 19€ monthly you do not only get unlimited qualified signing, but benefit from all other sproof sign premium features. This includes

  • batch signing (sign multiple documents at once)
  • custom branding in emails and when signing
  • unlimited document and contact management
  • unlimited users for your organization
  • unlimited advanced signatures
  • API access
  • and much more

Check out all sproof sign premium features

Europe’s number one

Qualified digital signatures are legally binding and equivalent to handwritten signatures. The status of qualified digital signatures is formally defined in the eIDAS regulation and applies across the European Union. With sproof you can sign and verify digital documents across borders.

Start immediately — enterprise-wide

Start digital signing immediately across your organization. You only need one sproof sign premium plan and start creating unlimited advanced digital signatures. There is no need to purchase a license per user and you can start immediately.

  • No need to host your own system
  • Start immediately — enterprise-wide
  • Unlimited users for your organization
  • No need to setup large-scale IT projects

Try for free

Try sproof sign for free at or contact sales.

Easter-update brings major new features for sproof sign users

sproof new features

sproof sign gets even better, the price stays the same. For all existing and new customers.

Here is a preview of some of the major updates that arrive with the next release of sproof sign in early april:

  • Unlimited qualified signing
  • Batch signing
  • Customized signature blocks
  • Interactive form design and sharing
  • Prepositioned signatures and forwarding
  • New view for better document management

The upcoming release of sproof sign focuses on improvements for both, free users and premium plan users. Some of the improvements are based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our users and others are designed to increase your productivity with sproof sign and your trust in digital signatures. This article provides some early insights of the new features that will be available soon.

Unlimited qualified signing

First of all: Qualified signing with the Austrian Handysignatur will also be available in the future. However, we will greatly increase your experience for qualified signing with our new partner. Qualified signing becomes way faster and easier. All sproof sign premium plans now include unlimited qualified signatures independently of the Austrian Handysignatur. All premium plans also come with free identification for qualified signing, which allows you to create your individual id immediately and start qualified signing right away.

What are qualified digital signatures?

Setup your personal qualified signature
Qualified signature setup: Identify by Camera, Photo ID or Mobile phone

Batch signing

Eagerly awaited by many: Multiple documents can be prepared for signing and then signed at once with just one click. All sproof sign users with premium plans and qualified digital signatures benefit from this new feature.

Customized signature blocks

Customizable signature blocks that come with your company branding, name and date make it easy to identify your signature and combine the advantages of handwritten signatures and (qualified) digital signatures. Qualified signatures are also marked clearly. You can always switch back to the traditional signature block only displaying an image of your handwritten signature.

sproof new feature signature block
Create a customized signature block like this with your company logo, name and date

Interactive form design and sharing

With sproof sign you can now create interactive forms that can be filled out before signing. While existing PDF documents with form fields are still supported, you can now create your own forms with text boxes, drop down boxes, check marks and many more types of form fields. You can fill the form yourself or invite your contacts to fill and sign. Filling forms also comes in a mode that is specifically designed for mobile users.

Prepositioned signatures and forwarding

When inviting contacts to sign you can now define a position for the signature of each contact. Your contact can then immediately sign the document without prior positioning of the signature. In combination with the newly introduced feature to sign documents at once, this makes the signing process even faster and more efficient. When invited to sign a document, you can now easily forward this request within your organization.

New view for better document management

In order to make access to your documents faster, the dashboard comes with a new view for better document management. Switch between the traditional list view and the thumbnails. Additionally, a list of documents with predefined signature position is easily accessible through the dashboard for faster signing processes.

Sproof Dashboard
The new sproof sign dashboard

sproof sign: an innovation suitable for public administration

IÖB-ausgezeichnet Siegel

The digital signature tool sproof sign received the IÖB award, a seal for highly innovative solutions that help to improve public administration services for citizens.

The IÖB award helps public administrators to find new products that can support them in their work environment more quickly and thus to support those products that lead to a significant improvement in issues such as climate neutrality, efficiency, citizen service or cost savings.

A jury of innovation and technical experts selected the awardees this year from over 160 submissions.

The marketplace showcases innovations suitable for public administration. Click here to find sproof sign at the IÖB marketplace.

Home office: Why you should sign documents digitally from now on

sproof sign simplifies your home office

Numerous documents are sent to people in the home office for approval by signature. Read here why scanning a signed document is a bad idea and what you can do instead.

In Scandinavian countries, home office is common for many years now. In central Europe, we have only recently been confronted with it. With more and more employees from all areas of responsibility working from home, signing documents remotely is becoming increasingly important.

Why analogue procedures are risky

While companies have digitized many of their processes already, signing documents often still happens in analogue form. In times of home office, that means that these documents are often printed out for signing and photographed or scanned after signing, or the signature is inserted using image editing software. This process is not only time-consuming, the signatures created in this way are also easy to forge or are not even legally valid in the first place.

Digital signature tool: time-saving and legally correct in the home office

The digital signature tool sproof sign makes it possible that company-internal important documents no longer have to be printed out for a signature at home and then maybe even lie around there and are not destroyed fairly. With sproof sign, the signature process from home is simple, legally valid, completely digital and does not require a printout on the computer. This does not only save printer paper, toner, time and reduces CO2 emissions, but also eliminates the need for destruction of documents that otherwise accumulate in home offices. 

Start now: Use sproof sign for free to sign your corporate documents

Blockchain Landscape Austria

Austrian Blockchain Landscape

The Blockchain Landscape Austria gives an overview of companies, platforms & institutions leading the development of Blockchain technology in Austria. The list gets updated recently, and sproof is again among Austria’s leading corporations in the blockchain area.

Trends in the Austrian Blockchain Landscape

These two trends changed the blockchain ecosystem in Austria in the last years:

  1. Corporate early adopters, which are working on blockchain use cases, proof-of-concepts and prototypes, now dominate the scene.
  2. Decentralised Finance (DeFi) projects and startups started. This new category includes companies and startups involved in improving financial services by using blockchain technology. sproof is listed in this category under “Digital Signature”.

We are happy to shape the Austrian Blockchain Landscape together with our customers and partners!

More about the Blockchain Landscape Austria

Credits title picture: Austrian Blockchain Landscape (v4.0) | © EnliteAI GmbH, supported by

sproof in 2020: a special year in review

sproof in 2020: a special year in review

2020 was different in many ways. For sproof, 2020 was challenging, exciting and thriving. The following is not just a list of activities and achievements, but is also meant as a special thank you to all our partners, customers and friends. It’s you, who is reinventing digital signing. Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year 2021! Enjoy our year in review:

our year in review: team meeting stock photo

January to March

We presented sproof registry at the EdTech Workshop for Universities at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, which formed our partnership with the Paracelsus Medical Private University and the Modul University Vienna, which both introduced sproof registry for securing digital documents.

We became part of the trans-national blockchain networks Blockchain Bayern, Netzwerk Digitale Nachweise and joined ICT Austria.

our year in review: Startup Salzburg Demo Day

April to June

The Startup Salzburg Factory was our companion for more than one year and successfully developed our first product sproof registry during that time. On May, 27 we finally presented our company at the Startup Salzburg Demo Day, which also completed the scale-up program.

Speaking about scaling up, our new product sproof sign and an increasing number of customers and users made us redesigning our software for improved user experience. Thank you Hannah Nopp and Eva Neuherz for your great work.

our year in review: sproof sign document illustration

July to September

Together with ADVOKAT, we launched our new product sproof sign, which makes the collection of digital signatures fast and easy.

At Next Floor, audvice and sproof presented their company and products and sproof sign was first released to the public. It’s great that we could establish a strong partnership with ADVOKAT, the leading provider of software for lawyers.

our year in review: screenshot sproof website relaunch

October to December

sproof sign gained a number of new customers, including the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Salzburg, WIFI Salzburg and FH Krems and is listed on both, and ö Additionally, we created another partnership with the leading developer of industrial automation software, COPA-DATA. In sproof registry, we crossed the benchmark of 50.000 documents.

We also completely redesigned our website where we focused on improving the structure of our website and on a consistent and intuitive design. Thank you, Daniel Morawetz and Hannes Wolfmayr for your great work at redesigning the website and thank you Johannes Stegmann and Florian Dorn for the awesome experience at Red Bull Basement University.

Thanks for your support

A special thank you to our customers and partners for their support in this challenging year: FH Salzburg, FH Krems, Berchtesgadener Land Wirtschaftsservice, Modul University Vienna, Hogast, Wirtschaftskammer Salzburg, WIFI Salzburg, ADVOKAT, Startup Salzburg Factory, FH Startup Center, Paracelsus Medical Private University, COPA-DATA, Next Floor, scaleup4Europe, Blockchain Bayern, Netzwerk Digitale Nachweise, ICT Austria, Red Bull, audvice.

sproof management team
The sproof management team wishes you happy holidays and a Happy New Year!
Left to right: Erich Höpoldseder, Clemens Brunner and Fabian Knirsch.

COPA-DATA and sproof: Cooperation between two digitalization companies

COPA-DATA and sproof partnership

COPA-DATA and sproof, two Salzburg-based digitalization companies, have announced the start of a joint partnership. COPA-DATA will use the sproof sign technology for the simple and sustainable collection of digital signatures in its internal processes. In addition, the software applications of both companies will be combined to create solutions for customers. A joint research project into blockchain-based time stamps in industrial applications is also on the agenda.

COPA-DATA and sproof both develop software-based digital solutions to everyday problems. However, the two companies are very different. The startup sproof is currently taking off as a spin-off from FH Salzburg, the city’s University of Applied Sciences. COPA-DATA is an established global player with more than 30 years of experience in the field of industrial automation. Its zenon software platform is used worldwide.

“We have retained the mentality of a startup at COPA-DATA, despite our longevity. We are always open to new, forward-looking technologies. This is exactly what sproof and its founders Clemens Brunner, Fabian Knirsch and Erich Höpoldseder embody. We have had the privilege of knowing and working with them for several years, thanks to our close cooperation with Salzburg University of Applied Sciences,” explains Reinhard Mayr, Head of Information Security and Research Operations at COPA-DATA.

Digital and sustainable signing

COPA-DATA was recently certified by TÃœV Süd for ISO 9001. To adhere to the certified management processes, the software manufacturer relies primarily on digital workflows and documentation. This is where the sproof sign technology comes into play. COPA-DATA uses it to integrate secure and auditable signatures in digital form into its own internal processes. “sproof sign can be integrated very easily into existing workflows, for example via an API. This allows signature processes in the company to be accelerated and managed in a structured manner,” says Fabian Knirsch, CTO of sproof.

In the future, COPA-DATA management will receive documents to be signed as a digital PDF document, which they will sign using sproof sign. The document will then be archived centrally in a tamper-proof manner in compliance with ISO 9001 requirements. This saves time and money and is more sustainable – something TÜV praises in its final report as part of the certification process

Combining two digital worlds

In addition to the use of sproof technology by COPA-DATA, the first combinations of software solutions using technology from both companies are now being created. “The aim is to combine the advantages of both worlds in a customer-friendly way. Our software platform zenon collects a lot of process data in an industrial company and creates clear reports. Some customers, in turn, have the need to share these reports as PDF files or even have them signed,” explains Reinhard Mayr. In this scenario, sproof sign is a solution path and the compatibility of zenon and sproof sign has already been demonstrated.

Blockchain research for industry

The deployed technology behind sproof sign and zenon’s extensive and established capabilities in manufacturing processes will also be part of joint research initiatives, starting with a feasibility study of the use of blockchain in industrial traceability and audit solutions. “The idea is to implement blockchain-based time stamps for industrial applications like zenon. This serves the demonstrably unmanipulable data recording of process data or even recipes,” explains Clemens Brunner, CEO at sproof.

Read about the fruitful cooperation in the COPA-DATA News
Go to the sproof sign industry showcase: COPA-DATA

Credits title picture: COPA-DATA
In the picture (left to right): Clemens Brunner, CEO at sproof, Reinhard Mayr, Head of Information Security & Research Operations at COPA-DATA, and Fabian Knirsch, CTO at sproof.