sproof sign: Digital signature tool launched with major customer on board

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With sproof sign, the Salzburg-based start-up sproof has launched a digital signature tool. The experts for document certification are hitting a nerve with it. Major customers contacted them even before the official launch.

Clemens Brunner, Fabian Knirsch and Erich Höpoldseder from sproof recognized the need for signing documents and contracts from any location already before Corona. “We have noticed that many are working with the semi-digital method: Print out, sign, scan, e-mail, then send the original by mail to ensure legal compliance, and if there are several signatories, the whole procedure is done in several rounds. With sproof sign, we provide companies with a tool that digitizes this process quickly and easily,” says Erich Höpoldseder.

This company already relies on sproof sign

Dr. Manfred Wurz, Managing Director at ADVOKAT
Dr. Manfred Wurz, Managing Director at ADVOKAT, about sproof sign: “A practical feature that is in great demand in times of Corona.” © ADVOKAT

For ADVOKAT, Austria’s leading provider of software for lawyers, the tool is an ideal addition to its range of services. The pioneer in terms of law firm automation supplies more than 2,200 law firms and companies with its software. ADVOKAT Managing Director Dr. Manfred Wurz: “sproof sign was integrated with our system in a simple way. In the future our customers will be able to collect digital signatures in three simple steps. A practical feature that is in great demand in times of Corona”.

It was important to the software market leader that the electronic signatures have legal validity. “This is given by the mobile phone signature. When it comes to data security, we also use state-of-the-art encryption and servers in the EU,” explains Fabian Knirsch, CTO of sproof.

Corona as a customer magnet

The privacy and security experts at sproof – Clemens Brunner and Fabian Knirsch, both researchers at the Center for Secure Energy Informatics at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences – have developed the new tool in the last months. Given the current crisis, the fact that their idea generated such great interest came as a surprise for the three business partners. “We had actually prepared ourselves for the fact that customer acquisition after the lockdown would be slower, but the opposite is true. Companies have an urgent need for digital signatures and more resources to deal with our product,” says Clemens Brunner.

About sproof sign

With sproof sign, contracts, circulars, or agreements can be signed in all the usual variations, from a manual signature to a digital or legally required official signature. sproof sign automatically takes care of inviting contacts, collecting signatures, and sending automatic reminder emails. At any time, the issuer can retrieve the current status of the signatures already made for a document and save the signed document on his or her PC or server system. For administrations and companies that want to integrate sproof sign into their existing applications via API, sproof offers a cost-effective premium API.


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In the title picture: The sproof management team (f.l.t.r. CEO Clemens Brunner, COO Erich Höpoldseder & CTO Fabian Knirsch)

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