Digital signatures with sproof sign at the Vienna Business Agency

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The Vienna Business Agency supports local and international companies in all phases of their business development, advises on entrepreneurial issues and helps expats get started in Vienna. Everyone who wants to start a business, startups, sole proprietorships, domestic and international small and medium-sized enterprises or corporations, receives exactly the information they need.

With sproof sign, the signing of PDF documents in the Startup Service was digitized at the beginning of 2021 for the coaching service for our coaches and coached founders. This has made the signing of necessary documents for funded coaching much more efficient. By reducing the individual steps to multiple signatures of several parties, important resources are saved. Now there is more time for the essentials.

After a thorough examination of various providers, the decision was made in favor of sproof sign due to its DSGVO compliance, expertise and ease of use. sproof sign offers a 100% legally valid and data protection compliant (DSGVO) cloud solution for digital signatures with its platform for legally valid, qualified digital signatures hosted exclusively in Europe. Due to its simple and intuitive use, no training or complicated IT processes have been required for the implementation.

Dr. Gabriele Tatzberger from the Vienna Business Agency confirms how quickly a process previously handled on paper could be completely digitized:

“As the Vienna Business Agency, we have been supporting founders for almost 40 years to successfully implement their business idea and build it up sustainably. With innovative tools such as sproof sign, we also succeed in handling our offers digitally in a contemporary and efficient manner.”

Dr. Gabriele Tatzberger from the Vienna Business Agency