Developers: Why it will take you less than 60 minutes to integrate sproof’s digital document signatures in your software application

Integrating a new feature into your existing application in only 60 minutes sounds like wishful thinking to you? Here’s how sproof makes your wish come true:

1. Easy to use API
To issue secure digital documents in your institution or enterprise, all you need to do is as easy as an API call. Integrate sproof into your application easily by using our freely available Docker Container.

“This step took us about 40 minutes”, reports Christoph Winkler, software engineer at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, who recently integrated sproof into the university’s study support system.

2. One single line of code
No blockchain proficiency or cryptographic knowledge is demanded from you!
Apart from the API call, simply paste one single line of code into your website in order to host an iframe for verification. Time required: about 5 minutes. With that iframe, you can verify secure digital documents on your own website. Want to know what that looks like?

3. Detailed open source documentation
Did we make you curious how that all works exactly? Then we have some more good news. Not only IS there a complete documentation of how to integrate sproof into an existing application, but it is also really GOOD and even OPEN SOURCE.  The documentation guides you through the few necessary steps for a quick and easy integration and can be read in 10-15 minutes. So if you are a fast reader, there’ll even be 5 minutes left for a cup of coffee before the hour is over.

Does that sound like well-invested 60 minutes to you?
Then let’s get started!