Easter-update brings major new features for sproof sign users

sproof sign gets even better, the price stays the same. For all existing and new customers.

Here is a preview of some of the major updates that arrive with the next release of sproof sign in early april:

  • Unlimited qualified signing
  • Batch signing
  • Customized signature blocks
  • Interactive form design and sharing
  • Prepositioned signatures and forwarding
  • New view for better document management

The upcoming release of sproof sign focuses on improvements for both, free users and premium plan users. Some of the improvements are based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our users and others are designed to increase your productivity with sproof sign and your trust in digital signatures. This article provides some early insights of the new features that will be available soon.

Unlimited qualified signing

First of all: Qualified signing with the Austrian Handysignatur will also be available in the future. However, we will greatly increase your experience for qualified signing with our new partner. Qualified signing becomes way faster and easier. All sproof sign premium plans now include unlimited qualified signatures independently of the Austrian Handysignatur. All premium plans also come with free identification for qualified signing, which allows you to create your individual id immediately and start qualified signing right away.

What are qualified digital signatures?

Setup your personal qualified signature
Qualified signature setup: Identify by Camera, Photo ID or Mobile phone

Batch signing

Eagerly awaited by many: Multiple documents can be prepared for signing and then signed at once with just one click. All sproof sign users with premium plans and qualified digital signatures benefit from this new feature.

Customized signature blocks

Customizable signature blocks that come with your company branding, name and date make it easy to identify your signature and combine the advantages of handwritten signatures and (qualified) digital signatures. Qualified signatures are also marked clearly. You can always switch back to the traditional signature block only displaying an image of your handwritten signature.

sproof new feature signature block
Create a customized signature block like this with your company logo, name and date

Interactive form design and sharing

With sproof sign you can now create interactive forms that can be filled out before signing. While existing PDF documents with form fields are still supported, you can now create your own forms with text boxes, drop down boxes, check marks and many more types of form fields. You can fill the form yourself or invite your contacts to fill and sign. Filling forms also comes in a mode that is specifically designed for mobile users.

Prepositioned signatures and forwarding

When inviting contacts to sign you can now define a position for the signature of each contact. Your contact can then immediately sign the document without prior positioning of the signature. In combination with the newly introduced feature to sign documents at once, this makes the signing process even faster and more efficient. When invited to sign a document, you can now easily forward this request within your organization.

New view for better document management

In order to make access to your documents faster, the dashboard comes with a new view for better document management. Switch between the traditional list view and the thumbnails. Additionally, a list of documents with predefined signature position is easily accessible through the dashboard for faster signing processes.

Sproof Dashboard
The new sproof sign dashboard