Restoring the MobileID App

Sie haben die MobileID App nYou have reinstalled the MobileID app or have a new smartphone? Here you can learn how to restore your MobileID in order to be able to continue signing qualified with sproof sign.


You have already successfully identified yourself once via a VideoIdent procedure for a qualified digital signature. You have now reinstalled the MobileID app or you have received a new smartphone and now want to reinstall the MobileID app. You want to reactivate the MobileID in order to be able to sign qualified digital signatures again without another VideoIdent procedure.


With backup code

Sie haben sich bei deYou made a note of the backup code when you first installed the MobileID app. Before you set up the app again, go to, enter your phone number, and restore your identification. Now you can sign qualified again with sproof sign without any further identification.

Without backup code

Sie haben den Backup-Code verloren oder Sie hatten einen Backup-Code, haben aber die Mobile ID App zYou have lost the backup code or you had a backup code but have set up the Mobile ID app again in the meantime. In this case, a new identification is required. Proceed as follows:

  • Uninstall the MobileID app (if the app is not currently installed, skip this action).
  • Reinstall the MobileID app and write down the backup code. Keep this code in a safe place.
  • Contact your organization administrator or sproof sales team to re-identify.