Can I sign several documents at once?

Yes, after the one-time identification for the qualified signature, the use of the batch signature is possible for these users. Documents can then be placed on a virtual stack and signed collectively.

What are the advantages of using sproof sign?

sproof sign offers faster handling of signature processes and thus time savings; the workflow is clearer and the process more controllable. The printing and scanning of documents as well as the time-consuming signing of documents on paper is no longer necessary. In addition, CO2 can be saved.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored in your personal account in our European, ISO-certified and GDPR compliant data centers. Optionally, documents can be automatically deleted from our servers after 30 days. A manual download and deletion or a query and deletion of the documents is possible at any time.

How does the one-time identification for a qualified digital signature work?

If you have purchased a premium package from sproof sign or have been given the option of qualified signing by the administrator of a package, an invitation for identification will appear in your dashboard after you have logged in to sproof sign. For the identification you need your photo ID, a mobile phone and a PC with webcam and about 5 minutes for a video call. You will then be guided through the process by an agent where you register your mobile phone as a second factor and identify yourself with your photo ID.