Digital Signatures for Companies

Digitize your company’s signature workflow with sproof sign. Collect signatures fast and easy and sign document legally-binding yourself.

✅ 100% legally-binding ✅ 100% GDPR-compliant

Preview image of success story with Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe and sproof sign.
Read in our success story how Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe completed the implementation of digital signature workflows with sproof (in German).

Collect signatures efficiently and fast.

Collect signatures from employees, customers and vendors within minutes. With digital signatures there is no need to print and scan documents for signing and this saves you time and money.

100% legally-binding with qualified digital signatures.

sproof sign is eIDAS-compliant and meets the requirements for legally binding digital signatures according to the EU regulation. The qualified digital signature is legally equivalent to the handwritten signature.

100% GDPR-compliant.

sproof hosts all its services within the EU and without the involvement of third countries. This guarantees data protection.

Features for Companies

Corporate Branding

sproof sign can be customized to meet your needs and to represent the values of your company

Show your name, logo and icon when inviting contacts to sign. This shows your customers, team members and suppliers whom they are working with.

Define a customized signature card show your company’s identity. Set company seals, custom logos or other marks that normally identity your organization.

Use a common layout for your company’s signatures, including name and email address. Setup a common layout that is used by your organization in order to be visually consistent and compliant.

Start Immediately

Set up a team plan in minutes and start digital signing without large-scale IT projects

Digitize your signature workflows with one plan for your team. With a single switch all members of your organization can join your team plan and benefit from premium features.

Equip your employees with legally-binding digital signatures equivalent to handwritten signatures. Within less than five minutes all team members can identify themselves to receive a legally-binding qualified digital signature.

No need to set up an IT project – start digital signing within minutes. sproof sign is an Austrian-based cloud service hosted in the EU. Rollout digital signatures within minutes in your company.

Part of Your Workflow

Seamlessly integrate sproof sign in your workflows

Enable secure and easy access for all your team members via Single Sign On (Azure AD, OpenID, …). Manage permission and access right centrally and securely and setup optional two-factor authentication.

Make sproof sign part of your workflow with add-ons and partner integrations (Google Drive, …). Use of of our partner integrations or enhance your experience with existing add-ons.

Integrate digital signature workflows seamlessly into your existing applications with our API. Our easy-to-use REST API allows you to completely automated the creation of signature requests and the collection of signatures.

Legally-binding Signatures

100% eIDAS-compliant legally-binding signatures

Qualified digital signatures are equivalent to handwritten signatures by law – get unlimited legally-binding signatures with our enterprise plans.

Combine advanced and qualified digital signatures depending on your needs and easily collect signatures from external signers.

sproof sign is GDPR-compliant, 100% hosted in the EU and awarded for the use in public administration.

Collected External Signatures

Collect signatures from people outside your organization faster than ever before

Collect signatures from people outside of your organization easily. Decide whether you need advanced or qualified digital signatures.

Use existing providers for qualified digital signatures or equip your clients, suppliers and partners with a qualified digital signature.

Send automated reminders and monitor the workflow to save time and money in complex signature workflows.

Use Your Own Certificate

Set up a custom certificate for your company

Set up your own certificate to represent your organization. Obtain a certificate via sproof or bring your own certificates that your customers and partners know and trust.

Setup custom profiles for departments or individual users and integrate specific certificates (e.g., the Austrian Amtssignatur).

Apply company seals manually or via the API to stamp thousands of documents within seconds. No need for a dedicated hardware or for running your own infrastructure.

Listen to what our customers have to say about using sproof Premium

Daniel Horal – Conda

Great founding team with ingenious product. Low implementation effort and already successfully used in several customer projects.


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