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Are you looking for signature solution for your company or organization for digitally signing documents or for automating your signature workflow?
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Issue or time stamp your documents and data digitally with sproof registry. Fast, easy and secure.
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Digitally issue and manage your documents with our web app with user friendly drag and drop or use our easy to integrate API for issuing digital documents with any application.
Be part of the sproof network
Global platform where you can verify your domain and establish links to other institutions.
Store your documents
Publish your documents in a decentralized storage or keep it private.
Verify digital documents
Check the integrity and authenticity of a digital document.
Register digital documents
Register a digital document and issue it with your unique signature.
Revoke digital documents
Revoke any previously signed documents if they have expired or rendered void for any reason.
Easy API integration
Download and install the Docker container provided and make a single API call to create verifiably secure digital documents.


Get the package that suits your needs. Prices do not include VAT. We offer discounts and special packages for academia and charity organizations. Please contact us for further informations.


€153 / month
  • up to 200 events / month
  • 1 daily transaction
  • additional events: € 0.30
  • additional transaction: € 3.00
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€262 / month
  • up to 1.000 events / month
  • 1 daily transaction
  • additional events: € 0.20
  • additional transactions: € 2.00
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€562 / month
  • up to 5000 events / month
  • 1 daily transaction
  • additional events: € 0.10
  • additional transaction: € 1.00
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Become a part of our sproof network. You are only 3 steps away from your digitally issued documents. Please do not forget to verify documents that have been issued in the network.
Verify your document
Setup a public sproof profile for your institution
Create a public sproof profile for your institution, verify  your domain and establish links to other institutions.
Issue digitally signed documents and data, such as certificates or diplomas, invoices, etc.
Issue documents or register data in industrial applications with a unique signature and a timestamp. The digital document itself is not modified and can be handed to the receiver in any way.
Anyone in possession of the document can easily check the integrity and authenticity of the document.
There is no need for a single trusted third party and no need for the issuer to be online during the verification process.
verify your document


Interview about sproof registry with Daniel Nobis, the CIO of the Paracelsus Medical Private University.


Frequently asked questions regarding our product sproof registry. Please do not forget to check out all FAQs.
Can I delete a public document?
Short answer. No, you can’t. Long answer: Blockchains are append-only databases. Once a transaction has become part of the blockchain it is practically impossible to delete that data. sproof only stores hash references in the blockchain and without the original data it is impossible to learn anything about the document. However, you may choose to store documents publicly. In this case, it is not possible to delete these documents. You may revoke documents, but that only adds a flag in that documents history without changing the original entry.
Can I register sensitive documents?
sproof registry only stores and signs a hash reference of your data. As long as you do not choose to store your document publicly you may register sensitive documents, as they are not publicly accessible via sproof.
What are the advantages of sproof?
The advantages of sproof are digitally signed unforgable documents. sproof is decentralized, scalable and transparent and can be easily integrated into existing applications. Learn more about the advantages here.
What is a blockchain?
A blockchain is a decentralized, append-only database. Blockchains group transactions into blocks and use cryptographic building blocks such as public and private keys and hash functions. sproof uses a blockchain to immutably store hash references to information about your profile and registered or revoked documents.
What is a digital signature?
A digital signature is a cryptographical scheme to verify the authenticity and integrity of digital data or documents and also to check the identity of the signer. In sproof registry the signer is represented by a profile. With a sproof profile you can register and digitally sign documents and data.
What is a document?
A document can be any file in any format. Most commonly, documents are PDF files.
What is a profile?
In sproof registry we link the public key of a user to a profile. A profile consists of a name, image and a description. It is also possible to add and confirm a website. Additionally, a profile can collect confirmation from other profiles to build a Web of Trust.
What is a transaction?
A transaction is the only way to append data to a blockchain and is usually signed with the senders private key. In case the transaction is valid, it becomes part of a new blockchain block.
What is a Web of Trust?
A Web of Trust (WoT) is a network of confirmations. Each member of a WoT is allowed to confirm each other user. This means for sproof, that each profile can confirm all other profiles. You can confirm profiles of entities you know and trust. Similarly, the strength of your profile increases if you collect confirmations from other profiles.
What is the sproof explorer?
The sproof explorer shows all information which is publicly stored on the blockchain and in ipfs. The explorer can be used to view all sproof profilesdocumentstransactions and events. Additionally, the explorer provides the functionality to verify if a document, e.g., a PDF file issued via the sproof network.
Which blockchain is used by sproof?
sproof registry can be built on top of any blockchain. The public version of sproof uses the public Ethereum blockchain.


If you need help, have questions or feedback about our company or products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please do not forget to check out our FAQs.