sproof sign

sproof sign is a service that makes the collection of digital signatures fast and easy.

Invite contacts to sign

Upload the file to be signed and invite contacts via email to sign the document.

This does not require a login and the file to be signed is safely stored on servers within the EU in order to protect your data.

You can check the status of the signatures at any time.

Download signatures

Once your contact receives an email they can view and sign this document. This can be done either digitally or on paper.

Get notified as soon as all contacts have signed your document and download all the signatures.

sproof sign is a free online signature collection service that is easy to use and makes the collection of signatures fast and painless.

Here is why people love this service:

  • Free and easy to use (no login required)
  • Upload a document and enter email addresses to invite others to sign
  • Collects signatures in parallel
  • Send automated reminders
  • Receive notifications and download all signatures
  • Works with digital signatures and paper signatures
  • Support for encrypted documents
  • Hosted in Europe to protect your data

Your data is protected

We care about your data. All connections are secured via TLS (encrypted and authenticated) and data is stored on servers within the European Union. You can delete your documents and data at any time. For maximum security, you can also use this tools with encrypted PDF Documents.

Upload a document and invite contacts to sign

Your contacts can

  • sign digitally (e.g., using the Austrian Handysignatur)
  • sign on paper
  • sign on screen
  • decline the signature and leave a message

Get notified when signatures are created and monitor the progress

You can

  • downoad all signatures
  • reinvite contacts



Yes. A developer API for collecting signatures with sproof sign is available here.

No. Any company or organization can use sproof sign.

Yes. The sproof sign online signature service is provided free of charge.

The document to be signed can be printed, signed on paper and scanned or photographed for submitting the signature. For the latter, a mobile-friendly web app is provided to automatically submit signed documents.

Digital signing can be done by either using qualified digital signatures (e.g., “Handysignatur”) or by using unqualified digital signatures.

Once a signature has been submitted or all contacts have signed the document, you can download the signatures separately or in a single file.

Documents can be signed either digitally or on paper. The Austrian public signature service (Handysignatur) ist integrated as well.

Yes, sproof sign has support for encrypted documents. All data is stored securely on our servers in the EU. However, you can additionally upload an encrypted PDF document and share the password with your contact over a second channel.

No. A login is not required, but optional in order to use additional features.

Yes. We store all your documents within the EU and you can delete if no longer used. This is done in accordance with the GDPR.

sproof sign also supports encrypted PDF documents. When inviting contacts to sign an encrypted PDF, you will have to share the password over a separate and secure channel.

Yes, automated reminders can be sent.

No. Signatures are collected in parallel for improved speed and performance.

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