sproof sign customers save time, money and CO2 with digital signature workflows when compared to printing and signing documents on paper.

Your savings

Time: Preparing a document for signing, waiting for signatures and processing the signed documents is a time consuming process. We have found that our customers have spent on average 30 minutes for this per document before switching to sproof sign.

Money: Printing a document and sending it by mail involves costs for office paper, stamps, envelopes and much more. In addition, personnel costs occur and your team members are blocked from doing other things. Our customers reduced costs by approximately 15€ per document by digitizing this process.

CO2: Printing one A4 sheet of paper emits more than 4 grams of CO2. Our customers reduce their carbon footprint by signing digital and sproof sign hosting services are carbon neutral and 100% powered by renewable energy.

Methodology: We count the actual number of processed signature workflows per day and use this to estimate the savings. Estimates for CO2 are based on Dias, Ana Cláudia, and Luís Arroja. “Comparison of methodologies for estimating the carbon footprint–case study of office paper.” Journal of Cleaner Production 24 (2012): 30-35.