Learn how universities, schools, educational institutions and the industry benefit from sproof.

We Make Digital Documents Secure

Have you ever received fake certificates or fake diplomas? One out of four manages their personal documents already digitally and therefore takes photographs or uses image scanners to create a digital version of paper documents. By doing so, all security features are rendered void and verification is a hassle.

sproof revolutionizes the way we secure digital documents and data by creating a unique digital signature for each document. We use the power of decentralization to make issuing, revoking and verifying digital documents easy, fast and secure.

sproof provides an easy to use API that can be integrated in any application for digitally signing important documents.

Solutions for Document Signatures

Sign important documents, such as your certificates or diploma, digitally. This is made fast, easy and secure. Issue digital documents and allow others to verify your documents.

  • Issue a digitally signed diploma
  • Allow anyone in possession of the diploma to verify its originality and integrity
  • Easily insertable in existing software with a single line of code
  • No need to replace or modify paper documents

What is a digital certificate?

A digital certificate is a PDF file which is issued and digitally signed by a university, company or organization. You may either receive a digital certificate in addition to a paper certificate or you may just receive a digital copy via email.

How to verify the authenticity and originality of a digital certificate?

You can check the authenticity and originality of a digital certificate at any time at Some issuers also offer a verification tool on their website.

How do digital certificates work with sproof?

sproof develops a new kind of digital signature, which is saved completely decentralized and unchangeably. The digital document is therefore easily identifiable as an original and authentic document. Such a documents have a unique issuer and are timestamped.

Is sproof storing or perocessing personal data?

sproof does not store or process personal data. The digital certificate (and all data contained therein) is solely stored and processed by the issuer and receiver sproof. sproof signs a digital fingerprint (a hash) of the document. Optionally, however, document can also be made publicly accessible as a whole.

Solutions for Audit Trails

Manage your Industry 4.0 audit trail. Register important data via sproof and allow for easy verification.

  • Register industrial documents and data
  • Lock sensitive data immutably and with reliable timestamping
  • Allow for easy verification in case of product liability claims or quality issues
  • Usable in industrial software with a single line of code