sproof in 2020: a special year in review

2020 was different in many ways. For sproof, 2020 was challenging, exciting and thriving. The following is not just a list of activities and achievements, but is also meant as a special thank you to all our partners, customers and friends. It’s you, who is reinventing digital signing. Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year 2021! Enjoy our year in review:

our year in review: team meeting stock photo

January to March

We presented sproof registry at the EdTech Workshop for Universities at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, which formed our partnership with the Paracelsus Medical Private University and the Modul University Vienna, which both introduced sproof registry for securing digital documents.

We became part of the trans-national blockchain networks Blockchain Bayern, Netzwerk Digitale Nachweise and joined ICT Austria.

our year in review: Startup Salzburg Demo Day

April to June

The Startup Salzburg Factory was our companion for more than one year and successfully developed our first product sproof registry during that time. On May, 27 we finally presented our company at the Startup Salzburg Demo Day, which also completed the scale-up program.

Speaking about scaling up, our new product sproof sign and an increasing number of customers and users made us redesigning our software for improved user experience. Thank you Hannah Nopp and Eva Neuherz for your great work.

our year in review: sproof sign document illustration

July to September

Together with ADVOKAT, we launched our new product sproof sign, which makes the collection of digital signatures fast and easy.

At Next Floor, audvice and sproof presented their company and products and sproof sign was first released to the public. It’s great that we could establish a strong partnership with ADVOKAT, the leading provider of software for lawyers.

our year in review: screenshot sproof website relaunch

October to December

sproof sign gained a number of new customers, including the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Salzburg, WIFI Salzburg and FH Krems and is listed on both, buergerkarte.at and österreich.gv.at. Additionally, we created another partnership with the leading developer of industrial automation software, COPA-DATA. In sproof registry, we crossed the benchmark of 50.000 documents.

We also completely redesigned our website where we focused on improving the structure of our website and on a consistent and intuitive design. Thank you, Daniel Morawetz and Hannes Wolfmayr for your great work at redesigning the website and thank you Johannes Stegmann and Florian Dorn for the awesome experience at Red Bull Basement University.

Thanks for your support

A special thank you to our customers and partners for their support in this challenging year: FH Salzburg, FH Krems, Berchtesgadener Land Wirtschaftsservice, Modul University Vienna, Hogast, Wirtschaftskammer Salzburg, WIFI Salzburg, ADVOKAT, Startup Salzburg Factory, FH Startup Center, Paracelsus Medical Private University, COPA-DATA, Next Floor, scaleup4Europe, Blockchain Bayern, Netzwerk Digitale Nachweise, ICT Austria, Red Bull, audvice.

sproof management team
The sproof management team wishes you happy holidays and a Happy New Year!
Left to right: Erich Höpoldseder, Clemens Brunner and Fabian Knirsch.