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sproof provides a free testnet that gives you access to all sproof features. The testnet is always free. There are no charges, and no hidden fees. Once you have setup a profile, you can always switch to the sproof mainnet for productive use.

Discover the potentials of sproof at no risk and create a free testnet profile now.

The sproof testnet allows testing sproof for free. You can setup a free profile and discover the potentials of sproof at no cost. You can always switch to the mainnet for productive use. The testnet provides full access to all sproof features and uses the same interfaces and API as the sproof mainnet. Please note, however, that the sproof testnet uses the Ethereum testnet blockchain, may be subject to frequent changes and does not provide the quality and security guarantees of the mainnet. Never use the testnet for productive use. Developers can use the testnet for setting up and testing their processes before going productive on the mainnet.

In sproof we link the public key of a user to a profile. A profile consists of a name, image and a description. It is also possible to add and confirm a website. Additionally, a profile can collect confirmation from other profiles to build a Web of Trust.

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