What is a nonce?

A nonce is a random number which should only be used once in cryptographic operations.

What is a public key?

A public key is used in asymmetric cryptosystems and is needed to verify digital signatures or to encrypt data. There always exists a cryptographically linked private key to a public key.

What is a hash?

A hash is a numerical value with a fixed length which can be deterministically created from an input of arbitrary length. A hash is usually created from a hash function. Cryptographically secure hash functions are needed for digital signatures, blockchains and many more applications.

What is a block?

In a blockchain, blocks are used to group and append transactions within the globally consistent database. New blocks are (usually) appended at the end of the chain only and hash references are used to connect each block to the previous block.

Where is my private key?

In sproof, you can choose where you want to store your private key. There are two options: On the sproof server: We securely store your private key for you. For that, we encrypt your private key with a passphrase of your choice. On your own computer: You can download your private key from our web […]

What is an event?

An event represents a single action of a sproof profile. Each sproof profile needs at least one event: the profile create event. For each additional step, e.g, profile update, document registration or revokation, an additional event is created. To increase the performance and to reduce costs we register multiple events within a single blockchain transaction, […]

What is a transaction?

A transaction is the only way to append data to a blockchain and is usually signed with the senders private key. In case the transaction is valid, it becomes part of a new blockchain block.

What is a private key?

A private key is needed to create digital signatures, encrypt or decrypt data. There always exist a cryptographically linked public key to a private key. For blockchain applications, e.g., sproof, the private key is your secret to add or update your data. If you lose your private key, you do not have access anymore. The […]