What is the sproof testnet and the sproof mainnet?

The sproof testnet allows testing sproof for free. You can setup a free profile and discover the potentials of sproof at no cost. You can always switch to the mainnet for productive use. The testnet provides full access to all sproof features and uses the same interfaces and API as the sproof mainnet. Please note, […]

What is the difference between password, passphrase and the sproof-code?

The password is used to secure your sproof account. We do not store passwords in plaintext, but we can send you a link to reset your password. In order to commit transactions to the blockchain you need a private key. This key is stored encrypted and protected by your passphrase. sproof is never in possession […]

What happens if I loose my private key?

If you loose or forget your private key, we have no way to recover your profile. You are the only one, who has access to it. In the settings page you can create a new key.

What happens if my private key gets leaked?

In case your private key gets leaked, you have two options. First, you can revoke your profile and create a new one including a new private key. Second, if you registered an offline (cold storage) private key to your profile you can update your online private key with the offline key.

What are the advantages of sproof?

The advantages of sproof are digitally signed unforgable documents. sproof is decentralized, scalable and transparent and can be easily integrated into existing applications. Learn more about the advantages here.

How to integrate sproof?

It is easy to integrate sproof in existing applications. Please follow our guide on the developers site to learn more about the integration.

What is a nonce?

A nonce is a random number which should only be used once in cryptographic operations.