sproof registry

Sign your documents and data digitally with sproof registry. Fast, easy and secure.

sproof allows you to easily issue verifiably secure digital documents. Digitally sign and manage digital documents with our web app with user friendly drag and drop or use our easy-to-integrate API for signing digital documents with any application.

  1. Create a digital document in your application
  2. Drop the document in our web app or call the sproof API to sign your document
  3. Share or archive the document
  4. Anyone in possession of your digital document can easily verify your signature

3 Steps to Your Digital Signature


Step 1: Setup a public sproof profile for your institution

Create a public sproof profile for your institution, verify your domain and establish links to other institutions.

Step 2: Issue digitally signed documents and data, such as certificates or diplomas, invoices, etc.

Issue documents or register data in industrial applications with a unique signature and a timestamp. The digital document itself is not modified and can be handed to the receiver in any way.


Step 3: Anyone in possession of the document can easily check the integrity and authenticity of a document.

There is no need for a single trusted third party and no need for the issuer to be online during the verification process.

Verify a document that has been issued in the sproof network or try with the sproof test document.

Join the Network

Setup a sproof registry profile and become part of the sproof network. The sproof network is a global platform where you can verify your domain and establish links to other institutions. This strengthens your own identity and allows your partners and customers to benefit from your reputation.

The sproof network builds a network of trust. You can use the connections in your network for easily verifying digitally signed documents from your partners and customers.


sproof is easily integrated in existing applications. Download and install the Docker container provided and make a single API call to verifiably secure digital documents.

Setting up the digital signature with sproof was done in less than 40 minutes. A simple API call was the only thing we had to integrate into our system.

Software Engineer, Information Services

With a single line of code the iframe was integrated into our website, allowing anyone to verify the documents online. This was done in less than five minutes.

Application Engineer, Information Services

Paper & Code

Read the sproof paper for full insights into the sproof protocol and how the features of blockchain are employed. This peer-reviewed paper is published at the conference ICISSP 2019.


sproof code is open and freely available on GitHub. Browse the sproof source code and documentation and learn how to integrate sproof in your applications.



The sproof web app and the sproof API provides three basic actions:

  • Register. Register a digital document and sign it with your unique signature. The document can either be published in a decentralized storage along with a digital signature secured in a blockchain or your document remains private and only the digital signature is published alone.
  • Revoke. Revoke any previously signed documents. This is useful if documents have expired or are rendered void for any reason.
  • Verify. Check the integrity and authenticity of a digital document. If the document is valid you will receive information about the issuer.


Get the package that suits your needs. Registrations of documents are aggregated and uploaded to the blockchain in a transaction. Additional registrations and uploads can be purchased at any time.


€ 153/month

  • up to 200 events/month
  • 1 daily transaction

Price additional events: € 0.30
Price additional transaction: € 3.00


€ 262/month

  • up to 1.000 events/month
  • 1 daily transaction

Price additional events: € 0.20
Price additional transaction: € 2.00


€ 562/month

  • up to 5.000 events/month
  • 1 daily transaction

Price additional events: € 0.10
Price additional transaction: € 1.00

Prices do not include VAT. We offer discounts and special packages for academia and charity organizations. Please contact us.

Register now and issue your first documents.