Learn how other companies and organization digitize their signature workflows with sproof. Digital signatures save time, money and carbon dioxide for municipal operations, civil engineers, attorneys at law, tax advisors, universities and many other businesses. sproof sign digitizes internal signature workflows and the collection of signatures from external parties. Our customers trust sproof as it provides the highest level of trust and is guaranteed GDPR-compliant.

Municipal Operations

Municipal operations cover a wide range of areas, including water, energy, gas and power. Many municipal operations cover public transport and recycling services as well. sproof sign digitizes the signature workflows and makes internal processes faster and more efficient. Legally-binding digital signatures can be collected from service employees, office employees and from partner companies and customers.

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers successfully use sproof sign for the implementation and handling of all certification processes and TÜV audits. With sproof sign, the documents to be signed are clearly displayed and managed. Signature processes are accelerated and the workload is significantly reduced. sproof sign also provides a complete and conclusive proof of the documentation.

Attorney at Law and Tax Advisor

Signatures for a wide variety of documents in a number of use cases are collected with sproof sign. Use cases include contracts, resolutions, and applications. These documents all require signatures from clients, partners, buyers and sellers. By using sproof sign, attorneys at law reduce the number of emails and the need to send documents by mail. sproof sign creates a clear overview of the documents and the status of each document. This relieves the secretarial staff of the law firms.

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Daily signature processes for research reports, funding applications, examinations, diplomas, but also for internal processes for contracts with teachers, students, as well as time recording, applications and notifications are signed with sproof sign and relieve the organization. Some of the universities also use sproof registry for issuing decentralized verifiable certificates.

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