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Certificates and diplomas issued by your institution represent your high standards and values. Fake certificates carrying the name of your university, school or educational institution can therefore cause noticeable harm.

Similarly, checking the integrity and authenticity of documents that you receive from your applicants can be a challenging and labor intensive process.

sproof creates a revolutionary and new kind of digital signature that allows you to issue your certificates digitally and secure. Furthermore, verification is easy, completely decentralized and does not require your interaction. sproof allows you to fast and easy integrate digital signatures in your existing processes and tools.

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Have you ever received fake certificates or fake diplomas? One out of four manages their personal documents already digitally and therefore takes photographs or uses image scanners to create a digital version of paper documents. By doing so, all security features are rendered void and verification is a hassle.

sproof revolutionizes the way we secure digital documents and data by creating a unique digital signature for each document. We use the power of decentralization to make issuing, revoking and verifying digital documents easy, fast and secure.

sproof provides an easy to use API that can be integrated in any application for digitally signing important documents.

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sproof is completely decentralized and every entity manages their documents themselves. sproof does not act as an intermediary and thus does not need to be trusted.


sproof is open and the source code can be verified by everyone. The sproof protocol is publicly available and sproof is documented in peer-reviewed scientific publications.


sproof is transparent and all issued documents are publicly verifiable. The history of all digitally signed documents is visible to everyone in order to prevent fraud.

sproof allows you to issue important documents such as certificates or diplomas.

Issue certificates or register data in industrial applications with a unique signature and a timestamp. The digital document itself is not modified and is handed to the receiver.


Anyone in possession of the document can easily check the integrity and authenticity of a document.

There is no need for a single trusted third party and no need for the issuer to be online during the verification process.

Verify a document that has been issued in the sproof network or try with the sproof test document.

Management Team

Clemens Brunner, MSc

Clemens Brunner is a PhD student at the Computer Sciences Department at University of Salzburg since 2018 and a researcher at the Center for Secure Energy Informatics at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences since 2018. He received the Master’s degree in 2017 from University of Innsbruck. His current research interest is on decentralized trust management systems and privacy preserving authentication. 

Dr. Fabian Knirsch

Fabian Knirsch is a researcher at the Center for Secure Energy Informatics at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and co-founder of cappatec. He received his PhD in Computer Sciences in 2018 from the University of Salzburg. His research interest is  currently on security and privacy and privacy-enhancing and decentralized technologies.

Erich Höpoldseder

Erich Höpoldseder has successfully implemented innovations and business development processes in various markets for international companies for more than 25 years. He has excellent management, technical, sales and social skills and has filed several patents. He supports products that improve the quality of life of people and contribute to greater safety.

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sproof is an Austrian-based technology company.

sproof is a member of the Startup Salzburg Factory.

sproof is a member of the FH Salzburg Startup Center.

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